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Star Trek: Discovery star Oyin Oladejo. Photo courtesy of CBS All Access. Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg.

Strong Union: Strong Future - By David Sparrow

While 2020 has been a tough year, ACTRA members have stepped up to the challenge we face in dealing with a global pandemic and are ready and eager to get back to work.
Resetting the scene for 2021 - By Marie Kelly

Marie shares her vision for ACTRA’s 2021 bargaining and why (more than ever!) safety, resilience and creative excellence are at the heart of our union’s work in Canada’s vibrant entertainment industry.
Star Trek: Discovery goes boldly towards an inclusive on-screen future - By Samora Smallwood

Read why joining the cast of Star Trek: Discovery was extra special to Samora
Performance vs. Performative: How do we turn this summer’s moment into a movement? - By Omari Newton

The volume of people vowing to fight anti-Black racism has been damn-near deafening. Omari examines how this moment turned into a movement.
Safe Sets Across Canada - By Eleanor Noble

Creators across the country are adding extra layers of protection. Hear how everyone is taking tremendous measures to protect each other.
2020 Woman of the Year Q & A - Sarah Polley talks to us about life post-quarantine, the road to equality for women in entertainment, and how her career is evolving as a working mother.
ACTRA members honoured in 2020! - We celebrate our members’ recent achievements, including UBCP/ACTRA Awards, imagineNATIVE Award, ACTRA Maritimes Awards, Governor General's Performing Arts Awards, ACTRA Manitoba Award, Canadian Screen Awards, ACTRA Toronto Awards, AFBS’s Leslie Yeo Award AND Alberta ‘Rosie’ Awards!


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Shirley Douglas
Nancy Drake
Gordon Masten
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