Jessica Matten in Tribal. Photo by Michelle Faye Fraser. Courtesy of Tribal Productions Ltd.


Let’s stand up for culture

By David Sparrow

With the federal election coming up on October 21, it’s critical we collectively shine a spotlight on the issues affecting Canadian performers and the film, television and digital media industry.


Our Solidarity is our power

By Marie Kelly

Marie shares with us why member engagement is key to our collective success and some of the other milestones from her first few months as ACTRA’s National Executive Director.



By Pat Chau
Tribal is a First Nations crime drama series shot and set in Calgary, Alberta. Here ACTRA member Pat Chau talks with two of the show’s stars, Jessica Matten and Michelle Thrush, about why Alberta is a great place to film, the importance of showing diversity on screen and why Tribal should be seen by audiences around the world.
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Ready to be heard

By Clara Pasieka

With the potential for the youth vote to significantly influence the outcome of this election, five young performers share their political priorities as we head to the polls.


Your Two Cents

By Francine Deschepper

In this candid interview, ACTRA member Jonathan Torrens shares his ‘two cents’ with us on how and why he created a next-generation financial literacy web series.  


To audition, or not to audition…

By Ellie Harvie

Are some auditions “bogus?” Here’s what one performer has to say.


Managing stress

By Jo Bennett

Learn how to cope with stressful situations by using these helpful tips to improve your health and well-being.



Celebrating our ACTRA members’ recent achievements

We celebrate our members’ recent achievements, including Telefilm’s annual Birks Diamond Tribute and the Gimli Film Festival!



Nonnie Griffin
Bill Luxton
Sean McCann


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